Friday, April 10, 2009

Bottled Water

I recently finished a research paper about bottled water. I don't see the reasoning behind bottled water. I live in a country where the tap water is about the nation's standards, so there is no harm in drinking the water from the faucet. I do use filters, that help to take out any chemicals in the water that could harm me, or make the water taste differently. Bottled water should be used in times of disasters and despair. We, the people of this planet, should be worrying about the places where water is scarce and the need for clean water is a life and death matter. Besides the worldly issues surrounding the privatization of water, the environmental impact that bottle water has is tremendous. Bottling water wastes valuable resources, natural and man-made, to package and ship another valuable resource. As one of the authors I cited for my research paper declared, "Bottled water is for the wealthy and uneducated."

Please think twice before you spend your money on a resource that you can get practically for free.
There are great alternatives out there to bottled water. 
-Purchase a Sigg bottle and fill it with tap water when you travel.
-Use filters on your house faucets
-Purchase a Brita, to filter and store water (if you don't think the tap water is cold enough, place it in your refrigerator.)
-Ask for tap water when you go out to eat at a restaurant, instead of the pricey bottled spring water.

By thinking about the simple things in life, and taking the environment into consideration, maybe the future generations will live in a clean world and be able to enjoy the beauty of nature.

peace and love.