Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sad when i should be Happy

Great things have been happening for me personally.
New apartment, new school, new town.
Exploring new places, eating great fresh foods, getting into shape.

Then at night when I reflect on my days, and I am not as happy.
Part of me isn't completely happy.

I miss great friends and wonderful people.
I truly feel that I have met great people in my life, and I left a part me with them.
Sometimes I just wonder if they feel the same way about them.

I don't want to disappoint. I don't want to forget.

I also don't want to be forgotten.........

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I know I have potential and I know what people say.
Hearing and feeling are two different things.

I'm filled with emptiness and a sense of failure.
When I run I usually get a sense of self and organization, and today I felt empty, cold, and a sense of failure.

I'm done with that.
Terrible run today, you're my rock bottom.
Gone are the days of "that's in the future" and the days of "tomorrow".

I don't want to feel empty anymore.