Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I Write: Hope.

I’ve always wondered…if maybe, just maybe, one person, one girl, someone out there, who is completely lost like myself..maybe that person will find my words, and not feel alone..have some faith, some sort of  hope, that the world will be okay…even though I don’t even know if everything will be fine……

But I have always wondered…maybe, just maybe, I could change just one life…I would feel okay; I would find some comfort or a purpose to my life, if I just change that one person.

I want to make that one person feel loved. Make that one soul know that a small event doesn’t have to ruin the future, if they don’t want it to....I want to make one person think, and change the world in a small way for someone else…and this domino effect will change things for the better.

peace and love.