Monday, January 31, 2011

January Veganism

I wanted to try to go vegan for a month, and I did very well...The only thing that I slipped up on was a handful of milk chocolate m&m's when I was frustrated and just wanted to be cliche and eat chocolate.
This wasn't necessarily a difficult task, as I have been vegetarian for years (eight maybe? I don't really keep track anymore, as it is just my life, not something I need to remind myself of). I am also lactose sensitive, so I don't eat a lot of dairy, and the last time I had a glass of milk was probably at the age of 5, when my parents wouldn't let me leave the dinner table without finishing my milk.
I found some good alternatives, and some not so good alternatives. Coconut milk dairy free ice cream...AMMMAZZZING..I love it! Some dairy free ice cream tastes like cardboard (rice dream) or just terrible. Coconut milk ice cream was great, and I don't eat ice cream a lot anyway, but it was a good alternative, and healthy too. Dairy free, alternative cheese....I don't think I will ever go that direction again. It may have been psychological, but I just couldn't eat the fake grilled cheese I tried, or the vegan lasagna that had fake cheese on top. I don't eat cheese often, but when I do I don't want it to taste weird or of chemicals.

Not eating eggs, or having honey, wasn't difficult. I just didn't get french toast for awhile..and I use agave nectar already in my tea and any recipes that call for honey.
One thing about veganism is label reading and comprehension. Some words don't sound like an animal by-product but they could be, so I had to do some research. For January, I pretty much just ate a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grain carbs. That isn't something too out of the ordinary for me.
The most difficult part was not going to the grocery store after work or class and just grab a frozen pizza for a late night dinner...I would have a mango and some peas, or a salad, and I didn't feel gross afterwards which was nice.

Now that the vegan month is over, I will eat a veggie pizza (with ranch ...) to celebrate, but not much will change.

One more thing accomplished on my list...and more money put into my savings jar...