Saturday, December 11, 2010

101 things to do in 1,001 days

I have created a list of things I want to accomplish in 1,001 days. I am going to start at the end of my term. Just some fun goals, school goals, adventure goals...little/big things that make everything worth it.
The start date is December 18, 2010 and the schedule end date is September 15, 2013.

1. get a tattoo of sewing tape on my arm
2. run the portland marathon
3. explore crater lake
4. get a dog/puppy
5. graduate from Ai with an apparel design degree with a sustainability minor.
6. sell something i've made to a stranger **Accomplished January 5th, 2011**
7. visit the redwoods of california
8. join a yoga class
9. learn about wine
10. learn about beer
11. go vegan for a month**Accomplished January 2011**
12. start my own garden
13. get a CSA membership
14. go to seattle
15. vacation in national parks
16. go on a coffee date with a long lost friend
17. go out to eat at a fancy restaurant and don't feel guilty
18. visit a local organic farm
19. visit a winery
20. go to Music Fest Northwest
21. Only eat local food for a month
22. spend a weekend at the beach
23. start to learn french again
24. plant a garden
25. go to a local concert
26. go camping
27. participate in a local charity event
28. compile a book of recipes that i have tried and loved
29. rent a house/apartment that i truly enjoy
30. kiss in the rain
31. have a picnic
32. viisit a buddhist temple
33. take a cooking class
34. visit Colorado
35. make a birthday cake from scratch for someone
36. go a week without internet
37. paint a room
38. see a nutritionalist
39. go a week without wearing black
40. take a vacation out of the country
41. cook a meal for someone else including meat
42. take a picture each day for a month
43. buy an original piece of art.
44. visit the octopus tree
45. get a professional massage
46. make french toast on my own.
47. grow an indoor herb garden
48. learn to knit
49. go to a theatre show
50. become a member to an environmentalist group
51. go on a vacation with just my mom
52. go on a brewery tour
53. visit mount hood
54. go to a professional sporting event football/soccer/basketball
55. eat at a food cart each day for a week
56. go to sasquatch music fest
57. take music lessons for a month, either piano or possibly guitar
58. make a list of 101 things i like about myself
59. throw a surprise party
60. make a pie from scratch
61. invest in a good knife set
62. make a gift for my dad and include a letter
63. plan a trip to europe: france and the netherlands
64. update my blog at least once a month
65. bake vegan food with a friend
66. go to an orchard and then make something with what i pick
67. don't quit my job until i graduate from Ai
68. make breakfast in bed for someone
69. send flowers to Honey Creek for coworkers and my grandma
70. send out christmas cards that are personalized.
71. read 4 books in a month
72. volunteer at an animal shelter
73. spend a day at a bookstore, and then at a coffeehouse
74. host a christmas party
75. buy incense and actually burn it
76. update drivers license to OR
77. write a letter to someone i love, with 101 reasons why
78. make a dress for myself and wear it out
79. vote in the election and be active
80. visit my grandfather's grave with flowers and a letter
81. attempt to have a conversation with my brother, maybe over dinner**Accomplished Jan 20th, 2011**
82. go to a movie at the living room theatre
83. make produce bags, and use them at the grocery store/farmers market
84. go running through washington park
85. do a 5k with a friend
86. visit a personal trainer
87. create a portfolio of my work
88. grow my hair out long
89. get my hair professionally colored.
90. spend an entire day with just my cousin
91. create something for my niece
92. get my cartilage double pierced
93. plan a surprise date, and then follow through with it for an entire day.
94. make a dinner with someone i love.
95. document an entire week in photographs.
96. bake a family recipe from my mom's side
97. bake a family recipe from my dad's side
98. draw something and like it without self criticism
99. save $10 for ever task completed
100. write about this experience when it is over.
101. with the money saved, do something positive, fun, and productive.

I feel good about this, as it has some long term goals and short term things. Nothing is too extreme or outlandish, and everything is possible.
This will help me turn my life and mindset into something more positive.


amynoodles said...

Number 39...haha That will hard for you. :P

Mindy said...

Thanks for sharing this list. Very inspiring.

KimothyAnne said...

I want to go to Sasquatch too!