Sunday, February 27, 2011

Starving Artist

I'm finally seeing the different sides of being creative, a student, and trying to make it in a not so great world.
Working two part time jobs, being a full-time student, and trying to have some extra time just isn't possible.
Being a starving artist goes beyond having an empty fridge and bare cupboards. I starve for a few moments of relaxation. I'd love to be with the person I care the most about, and starving to be together. I strive for success and push myself to the breaking point.

I can't wait to fulfill ideas and dreams. No longer being hungry, lonely, and stressed...I can only imagine for now.

I just have to keep a small glimmer of hope and pouring myself into my creative work when I can is a bit freeing, and helps lift the weights of student struggles and savings that don't exist.

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