Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day, Every Day

Happy Earth Day!!
This is a day where Americans become aware of the environment and do a small part to make the world a better place…. If only we did this everyday.

Today was a beautiful day; I felt like mother nature was saying “look, I am a work of art, appreciate me, take care of me, and I will look amazing for years to come”. I was inspired by the shades of blue in the sky, the puffs in the clouds, the leaves blowing in the breeze, and the birds whistling along to a natural tune. While I sat down by the river and drew fashion designs, my soul was completely immersed in a sea of natural beauty.

the picnic table I sat at and pondered great things.

I wish to share the beauty of nature with as many people as possible.


Now many people think of being earth-friendly as a strenuous lifestyle. I tend to disagree; yes, it takes some effort at first, but after a bit, everything comes “natural”.
While sitting in a business class, I pondered a short list of things everyone can do to become more eco-friendly:

-Carry a reusable Water bottle

my reusable water bottle

-Walk or bike whenever possible
-Buy local and organic food
-Write your notes in a recycled notebook with soy based ink
-Write with refillable ink pens and non-mechanical pencils
-Wear clothing made from organic fabrics
-Recycle old clothing to thrift stores or your local Goodwill
-Use reusable shopping bags or opt for no bag when shopping.
Be aware of the impact your lifestyle has on the environment, and adapt the things you can, and try to change things to make up for the things you can’t change.


 books on how to live a "greener" life, global warming, and the environment.

my small eco-friendly recycled material notebook and refillable pen.


Every day should be Earth Day.

peace and love.

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