Friday, October 1, 2010

Something that I can learn so many ways

I admit that I am interested in all different foods; however, I tend to stick to basics and simple meals to get me through the day.
That's about to change.
Today, I had the thought of going through this used cookbook that I just purchased and do some experimenting. It is the Moosewood Cookbook, but the 1977 edition. It has several great dishes that I want to try, from salads, to entrees, to soups, to breads, and desserts. I want to explore this cookbook and develop some cooking skills. The downer is I am a starving art student just working a few hours a week and living in an apartment that is overpriced. I would love to try to cook a new recipe everyday, but I don't think I could afford to eat such great and intriguing things, and my skinny jeans might not appreciate the heartier foods. I would like to make at least a few new things each month.
October is World Vegetarian month, and making a new vegetarian meal that is healthy, fairly easy/cheap, and delicious will help me verify my standings that being a vegetarian is healthy, easy, tasty, and makes the world a better place :)

Tonight, I kind of kick started this adventure. The recipe I made was my aunt's pumpkin muffins and not from Moosewood. They are delicious, fairly healthy, and quite simple. The way that my apartment smells, I want to bake these regularly this fall and winter.

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